Autumn Birdwatching

Autumn marks the time of year that many birds start preparing to fly south for the winter, so it can be your last chance to spot some of the UK’s biggest and most popular birds before they fly off to warmer climates.

We take a look at which species of bird you can expect to see during the autumn months, as well as what wild bird food you should be serving up and whereabouts in the UK they are most likely to be spotted!

British autumn birds

Autumn is the perfect time for birdwatching as you’ll be able to spot many of them flying overhead, making their way south. The weather isn’t too cold, which makes it bearable to sit in whilst you wait patiently for your feathered friends. Here are just a few of the birds you can expect to find in August:



Coal tit


Spotted Woodpecker

Canadian Geese


Short-eared owl

Signs of autumn in nature

You know autumn is finally here when the temperatures drop, the leaves start to crisp and fall from the trees and flocks of birds are spotted flying south for the winter.

It’s important to start stocking up on nutritious bird food during this season, as many birds will rely on the food provided by our gardens to keep them full through the colder months.

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