Suet for birds

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Suet for birds

You’d be really doing your feathered friends a huge favour if you regularly give them food that is especially high-energy. By that, we mean nutritious fat balls or suet for birds.

In fact, it could be a “life saver”. Forget all the messages we humans receive about fat being the enemy to good health! Where birds are concerned, it is the only way to keep them “on the wing” and singing.

Under their feathers, and beneath their skin, a healthy wild bird would carry a thin layer of crucial fat, which is their fuel source. This layer of fat can be particularly vital in the colder months. That’s because wild birds will live off it when foraging is a struggle.

They will also need a good energy boost when the nights are frosty. Burning fat keeps them warm and safe. Good stocks of energy-providing fat help them to get away from predators during cold spells too, or year round!

That’s why good quality fat balls for birds – or special shredded up bird suet – are recommended by wildlife conservation agencies.

Is it safe to feed wild birds with fatty foods?

It’s important to understand the difference between fatty scraps of household food and the carefully formulated bird food products supplied by Kennedy (outlined below).

Using human food for birds brings with it many risks, not least as it can spoil quickly and could contain toxins that are harmful.

The RSPB has issued a warning about feeding birds with items containing household cooking fats, as there are agents in those that damage bird feathers. If the little creatures inadvertently rub themselves on it, this compromises their natural insulation and waterproofing system.

For that reason alone, specially formulated wild bird suet pellets and fat balls are always the safest and kindest option.

Also, mixing your bird suet pellets with other wild bird feed substances can be highly beneficial. As can using bird fat balls in conjunction with seeds. This creates a more rounded diet, to ensure that your regular garden visitors don’t become overly plump which could slow them down and make them a tasty target for predators!

Read on for more insight into why fat balls are so great for wild birds and the kinds of affordable products we supply.

Our Fat Balls & Suet Products

Our bird suet pellets and fat balls for birds are of the highest quality, that will be sure to keep your wild bird population coming back for more. Fat balls are commonly put out in winter months when natural food sources are sparse, however, suet products for birds can be used all year round as a delicious wild bird food treat.

These high energy suet products give birds that extra boost to help them thrive and our expert quality fat balls and suet pellets are the perfect addition to your bird food collection.

Purchase our most popular suet product today and have it delivered free tomorrow!

Benefits of our suet bird food

  • Suet pellets and fat balls can be used all year around
  • The birds that visit in the winter will keep coming back for more
  • High energy suet pellets and fat balls help birds survive in harsher conditions
  • Loved by all garden birds

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Our bird suet pellets are great when combined with our bird seed mixes. They are available in mealworm, insect and berry flavour or our most popular ‘mixed flavours’. Blended to suit every bird’s palate.

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Our large range of wild bird seed mixes meet all of your wild bird needs. Our pricing is very competitive, and we also offer free next day delivery on any order placed before 13:00 Monday to Thursday.

Our mixed bird seeds are the result of 30 years of continuous research, meaning we have some of the best quality mixes on the market. They meet all of the essential bird feeding requirements and are perfect for all year bird feeding.

Other offers

Our wild bird seed mixes are best fed from a feeder, scattered on a bird table or on the ground. We offer some great value bird seed feeders, which you can check out here.

Our range includes Wont Grow Bird Seed, High Energy Mixture and a Ground Feed Mixture.

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