Bird seed feeders

We understand how important it is for wild birds to have somewhere accessible to feed from. Consequently we have sourced a range of high-quality bird seed feeders you can hang in your garden. And be proud of.

Our  Ringpull click and Jacobi Jayne Big Easy wild bird feeders are made with the best possible components. Hence you can feed the wild birds in your garden for years to come. Both come wit a lifetime guarantee! We even have a Jacobi Jayne Window Feeder.  You can hang it from your window and observe the birds feeding from close up. The kids will love it!

Squirrel proof feeders

Additionally we have squirrel proof bird feeders to help you keep those furry critters at bay. Our Squirrel Buster seed feeder is a favourite. But don’t worry if you’d like to feed the squirrels too, read our blog on how to embrace the squirrel.

Favourite bird foods

Plain seeds and mixed seeds are one of the most popular choices for feeding wild birds. Watch the wild birds and wildlife flock as you load them up with some of their favourite foods, like our sunflower hearts. You can even mix them with other seeds, like Nyjer, for a healthy, hearty mix on your new bird feeder.

Whether you’re looking for bird seed feeders for small birds or large birds, our bird seed feeders are suitable for all wild birds.

Buy your favourite feeder today and get it delivered for free tomorrow! All prices include VAT where applicable and free next day UK delivery.

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Free next day delivery

Our large range of wild bird seed mixes meet all of your wild bird needs. Our pricing is very competitive, and we also offer free next day delivery on any order placed before 13:00 Monday to Thursday.

Our mixed bird seeds are the result of 30 years of continuous research, meaning we have some of the best quality mixes on the market. They meet all of the essential bird feeding requirements and are perfect for all year bird feeding.

Compare The UKs Best Bird Food Prices

Updated Jan 2022

It’s easy to claim at being the cheapest bird food supplier in the UK. However, can many bird food suppliers say they offer the highest quality products, with the best reviews on the internet, at the lowest price too?