Bird Feeding Tips

British Garden Birds

Providing food for your garden birds is one of the most enjoyable pastimes. Knowing what food to feed which bird will increase the variety and number of birds that visit your garden. In the UK, we now have in excess of 600 bird species, according to the very latest data from the BOU. While many birds enjoy foods like sunflower hearts, only a few will nibble on niger seed, so it’s important to know what to feed them.

Have a browse through some of our helpful bird feeding guides below:

How to feed your garden birds

From using bird feeders and tables to scattering on the ground and making your own homemade devices, Kennedy has a bunch of different ways you can feed your garden birds.

What to feed your garden birds

If you’d like a greater diversity of species visiting your garden, you will need different types of bird food and bird seed. While most gardens attract about 30 different species each year, it’s a job well done when you manage to see over 40 different species flock to your garden.

Fly on over to this page to find out what to feed your garden birds

When to feed your garden birds

Feeding birds all year round is the best way to keep them coming back for more. However, in Autumn and Winter, birds will need more support as natural food sources and scarce.

Discover what bird seed you need for each season and why in this handy guide.

Create a wildlife friendly hub in your garden

Is there anything better than looking outside and seeing a whole host of different creatures of all shapes and sizes? From the shelter, types of bird food and creating an easy access, discover how some simple tweaks will make your garden a wildlife haven.

Keeping your garden birds healthy all year

Birds provide us with hours of enjoyment every single day, so it’s only fair we do our bit to give them a helping hand, especially as certain months can be treacherous. Find how you can do your bit to help the birds this year.

The best ways to store food

Keeping your bird food stored properly will give you peace of mind providing the freshest and healthiest seed to keep your feathered friends happy.

It will also help you stay organised when placing out different bird seeds for your various bird feeders. Click the link to read our bird feed storage guide.

How to keep your bird feeder clean and hygienic

Your bird feeder will see many different breeds every day and be put through all different kinds of weather, from torrential rain to blazing sun. These kinds of conditions can be a breeding ground for bacteria, which is why it’s so important to clean your feeder regularly. Take a look at our guide on how to keep your bird feeder clean and make sure your garden birds can enjoy a delicious hygienic snack.