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Indoor birds require high quality feeds if you want to ensure their feathers, beaks and general health remain in good condition. We stock Versele-Laga Premium seed blends because they are created with the dietary requirements for canaries, budgies, parakeets and parrots in mind.

The large bags should last for a decent amount of time before you need to stock up again and offer real value for money. Ensure your bird’s feeder is cleaned and replenished regularly to avoid any contamination.

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Our large range of wild bird seed mixes meet all of your wild bird needs. Our pricing is very competitive, and we also offer free next day delivery.

Our mixed bird seeds are the result of 20 years of continuous research, meaning we have some of the best quality mixes on the market. They meet all of the essential bird feeding requirements and are perfect for all year bird feeding.

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Our wild bird seed mixes are best fed from a feeder, scattered on a bird table or on the ground. We offer some great value bird seed feeders, which you can check out here.

Our range includes No Grow Bird Seed, High Energy Mixture and a Ground Feed Mixture.

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