Essential winter feeding information

Peter McNish

When it’s cold, survival is the name of the game for our garden birds, insects are in short supply and it takes more energy to maintain their body temperature. If you can do your bit for the birds, especially when it’s cold they will reward you hugely.

Birds in Winters

With this winter proving to be a contrast of cold and mild and then cold again, our garden birds struggle to cope with the ever-changing temperatures. Birds look for good food sources when choosing their nesting sites, so if you want continuity in your flock, then keep feeding. Once you’ve started it is essential to keep going. Every trip to your feeding station uses precious energy, so if there is nothing there to eat, your birds will have had a wasted journey.

Tailor the Bird Food

Don’t forget that you can tailor the food to suit the birds you’ve got or to attract some new visitors with our range of foods. When it is milder, don’t be tempted to skimp on food, keep the feeders full and clean and give the birdbath and water sources a regular clean up for hygiene reasons.

Check out some of our Fat Balls below. Birds absolutely love them in Winter!

Fat Balls

fat balls  



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