Can You Identify These Birds?

Peter McNish

As the RSPB are urging people to record what birds visit their garden, we at Kennedy Wild Bird Food thought it would be a great idea to make a quiz.


So whether you simply enjoy feeding the birds in your garden or you're an expert twitcher, this quiz is for you! See if you can identify these birds and soar to the top of the class!


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  • Elaine Symonds on

    Very easy, but number 10 did not have any options, so maybe a thrush or song thrush!

  • Heather Chapman on

    7/10 as It didn’t give me the options for number 10. I’m not sure about the last one.


    10/10 it was quite easy quiz. All common birds really. All I get in garden except Green Woodpecker. Last year had wrens, robins and great Tit nesting in garden. I dont have a huge garden but live close to fields and a bit of woodland but also on the edge of a housing estate.

  • Daffadowndilly on

    I scored 9/10, itt waas the white throat that threw me

  • Rob Aslett on

    Green woodpecker

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