The top 5 bird seed feeders for large birds

Peter McNish

If you’re out to attract certain large birds to your garden, the food menu you’re offering in your bird seed feeder will affect which large birds come to visit.

You should also take care to notice which birds are regular visitors and choosing the correct bird feeders for large birds to ensure they continue coming back for more.

Read on to find out which are our 5 best large bird feeders and the different birds they will attract.

1. Droll Yankees Nut Feeder 300mm

Peanuts are a great source of nutritional oils and protein and our Droll Yankees Nut Feeder 300mm is perfect for larger birds.

Simple to fill, it’s important to keep your Droll Yankees feeder clean to stop diseases from spreading in your local bird community. Its powder coated finish means that it won’t flake and you can also put it inside one of our squirrel proof bird feeders if you notice them getting more of the peanuts than the local birds.

To make sure you don’t lose any seeds from your giant seed feeders or very large seed feeders, we recommend clamping a giant seed tray to a garden pole below them to collect any nut spillage from the feeder.

bird nut feeder droll yankee

Droll Yankees Nut Feeder 300mm


 Large birds that love peanuts and nut-based bird feed 

Great Spotted Woodpecker Rook bird
Great Spotted Woodpecker Rook


2. Suet to Go Mealworm Feeder

Give your bird visitors a special treat and attract birds that feast on nutritious protein-packed mealworms. Dried mealworms are ideal for feeding the likes of magpies during the spring and summer, all you have to do is add a sprinkle of water to rehydrate them. You can continue attracting larger birds to your garden during the winter by offering dried mealworms in a mealworm bird feeder as their sources of food become scarce. As with any of our seed or nut bird food mixes, you should make sure there is a good supply of water for your garden bird visitors.

Meal worm feeder for birds

Mealworm Feeder


 Large birds that love dried mealworms


3. Droll Yankees Ring Pull Seed Feeder

Our wild mixed blend of seeds for birds is suitable for all year round feeding and has one of the highest nutritional values on the market. Choosing from our wild bird mixed seeds or high energy mixtures provide your garden bird visitors with all the energy and nutrients they need. Once all the mixed seeds are gone all you have to do is use the ring pull to dismantle the feeder and clean it before refilling it. The Droll Yankees Ring Pull Seed Feeder comes in three sizes: small with 2 ports, medium with 4 ports and, large with 6 ports. To attract larger birds to your garden we recommend the large seed feeder which measures 54cm x 6.25cm.

Bird seed feeder Droll yankee ring pull

Droll Yankee Ring Pull Seed Feeders


 Large birds that love mixed seeds

Blackbird Jay
Blackbird Jay


4. Suet to Go Suet Log Feeder

Choosing one of our suet log mixes is the perfect option to attract hooded crows, woodpeckers and, hooded crows to your garden. The suet log feeder is the perfect choice to dispense suet logs which come in packs of 72 and 144 and ensure that your wild bird visitors enjoy a meal packed with mealworms, insects, berries, and insects. Always make sure that water is available for wild birds when you are leaving food out for them.

Suet Logs

Suet Logs


 Large birds that love mixed seeds

Hooded Crow
Common Starling


5. Large Fat Ball Feeder

Holding up to two giant 500g fat balls, our large fat ball feeder will keep your bird garden visitors energised throughout the year.

These are some of the top and fattest fat balls available to buy and we make sure that they come without a net to ensure the large birds don’t get tangled and can easily get to the high energy and nutritious treat. Giant fat balls are an especially good source of energy and food for large birds during the winter when fatty sources of food are difficult to find. You shouldn’t put fat balls out in the summer as the heat can make them rot and may cause your visiting large birds to fall ill.

fat ball feeder for birds

Fat Ball Feeder Large


 Large birds that love fat balls

Collared Dove
Wood Pigeon



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