The Top 5 Bird Seed Feeders for Small Birds

Peter McNish

Bird seed feeders are the ultimate garden accessory - not only do they keep your wild bird food in one nice neat place, but they also allow for optimum birdwatching too.

It’s important to know which bird seed feeder to use for which type of wild bird food, as the wrong feeder can get clogged and be difficult for birds to feed from.

We’ve taken a look at some of our best bird seed feeders and pulled together our top 5 favourites.


Droll Yankee Ring Pull Niger Feeder

The idea behind our Droll Yankee Pull Niger Feeder is that it is super easy to clean, helping to combat bacteria and stop the spreading of diseases amongst our wildlife.  


Bird niger seed feeder Droll yankee ring pull

Droll Yankee Ring Pull Niger Feeders



It is the perfect feeder if you’re looking to attract small niger (nyjer) seed-eating birds to your garden. It has been specifically designed to dispense niger seed for birds and is a perfect size and shape for hanging from anywhere in your garden.

Birds that love niger seed



Droll Yankee Ring Pull Seed Feeder

Another one of our hygiene conscious small bird feeders, the Droll Yankee Ring Pull Seed Feeder is available in 3 different sizes, so there is sure to be one that fits your needs and your space.


Bird seed feeder Droll yankee ring pull

Droll Yankee Ring Pull Seed Feeders



Ideal for dispensing mixed seeds, or sunflower hearts or black sunflower.

The seed feeder does exactly what it says on the tin, it allows your wild birds to feed on delicious seeds and seed mixes straight from the feeder. Once all the feed is gone, simply use the ring pull to dismantle the feeder and give it a good clean before refilling.  

Tip: Why not fill your new Droll Yankee Ring Pull Feeder with our delicious Economy Wild Bird Mixed Seed?

Birds that love seed mix

House Sparrow


Droll Yankee Nut Feeder

Our Droll Yankee Nut Feeder differs from our other small bird seed feeders, in that they have an open mesh outer cage that makes it easier for birds to get access to the nuts inside.


bird nut feeder droll yankee

Droll Yankees Nut Feeder 300mm



Ideal for dispensing bird peanuts and split peanuts.

Bird nuts are a rich source of protein, containing plenty of healthy oils and valuable nutrition. A peanut feeder is something every garden should have.

Birds that love peanuts and other nut-based bird feed



Mealworm Feeder

For those looking to attract small wild birds that are partial to invertebrates like mealworms, we have our popular mealworm feeder.


Meal worm feeder for birds

Mealworm Feeder



Mealworms are an excellent source of protein for our wild birds, which makes them excellent bird food, especially in the colder months. It can be hard for birds to find great sources of fat and protein during the winter, so providing them in your garden can be a huge help.

Birds that love mealworms

Common Starling

Song Thrush

Robin Feeder

With winter fast approaching, we are sure to see some of Britain’s best loved bird, the robin. Our robin feeder can be filled with any of our mealworm products or robin mix bird food.


Robin Feeder

Robin Feeder



Just because the name suggests it has been carefully designed for robins, doesn’t mean that you won’t also attract other small birds to the robin feeder. Different tits and finches may also drop by for a bite to eat.

Birds that love robin mix and mealworm mixes


Long Tailed Tit

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