Guide to the Jackdaw

If you’ve ever seen a Jackdaw in the wild, you could be forgiven for thinking it was one of the more common crows we often see here in the UK. However, although it is a part of the crow family, it is a little rarer than the all-black crow we are so used to seeing.

The jackdaw is known by a few different names, such as the western jackdaw, the Eurasian jackdaw or the European jackdaw. They are distinguishable by their all-black appearance, with silver plumage around the head and breast. Their piercing white eyes also set them apart from the more midnight black crow.

What do jackdaws eat?

It has similar habits to the other members of the crow family, eating a mix of berries, seeds and small invertebrates. That’s why our Sunflower hearts is ideal. It offers all of its favourite foods in one delicious meal!

With any of our seed or bird food mixes, it’s important to make sure you provide a good water supply for your visiting birds!

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Where do they nest?

Although this bird is more common in mainland Europe, we do have our fair share in the UK. One of the most common occurrences is creating nests within chimneys. This is due to their fondness for building nests within cavities, whether it’s in buildings, trees, or large bird boxes. If you ever spot one of these beautiful birds, why not log on to our BirdSpotter map and make a note of your sighting?

What does a jackdaw sound like?

The Jackdaw has a high pitched call which often sounds like a dog’s squeaky toy. It rings out in short bursts and you may recognise the sound more when a group of jackdaws are together.

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