Kennedy Wild Bird Food Guide to the the Chiffchaff


The chiffchaff is a small olive coloured bird that belongs to the warbler family. They can be difficult to spot as they flit through woodland, due to their speed and camouflaged colouring. Chiffchaffs often have dark legs and a very faint white stripe above its eyes, that distinguishes it from other, similar warblers.

What does a Chiffchaff look like?

The chiffchaff has the same plumage whether it is male or female, so it can be hard to distinguish between the two. It is also famed for its wagging tail when hunting for small insects and displays this behaviour when it spots something delicious to eat.

Chiffchaffs eat small invertebrates that are easily found on woodland floors and in trees. For this reason, we recommend our dried mealworms or live mini mealworms for the chiffchaff

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However, during breeding season, they prefer to go for small insects, such as caterpillars or flying bugs mid air! They are also partial to earwigs and spiders found on the trees of their nests, helping them feed their young a wholesome and nutritious diet. Between the breeding months of April-June, why not stock up on some of our Dried Mealworm

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What does it sound like?

If you’re also wondering what a chaffinch sounds like, its call is fairly repetitive and often described as ‘shrill’. Starting in short bursts and ending in lower tones, it’s distinctive and easily heard over other breeds.

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Where can you spot them?

Spotted a chiffchaff and want to document your findings? Make sure you log your sighting on our BirdSpotter