Bird Peanut Feeders

Peanut Bird Feeders

Peanuts for birds are a fantastic source of nutritional oil and protein, which is why our specialised peanut bird feeders are specifically designed to hold them.

A proper peanut bird feeder is the only safe way to feed peanuts. If you decide to feed them loose there is a danger fledglings and smaller birds will choke.

Due to the sleek powder coated finish of our droll yankee peanut feeders, they are a wonderful aesthetic addition to your garden. As are the new variety of birds you will experience paying you a visit.

More importantly, they are easy to fill and simple to clean. Keeping your feeder hygienic and clean will help stop the spread of diseases in your local birding community.

Our Droll Yankee feeders come with a lifetime guarantee. The powder coated finish means they won’t flake or cause issues for birds using them.

Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders

At Kennedy, we also understand that squirrels, in particular, are fond of peanuts. We stock squirrel proof feeders if you happen to notice that this a common occurrence in your garden. With free, next day delivery in the UK you can also earn loyalty points to put towards your next purchase when you spend over £50.