Peanuts For Birds

Which birds eat peanuts?

Many common garden birds will gratefully feast on peanuts including Blue tits, Great tit, Coal tit, Long tailed tits, all Finches, House sparrows, Starlings and Lesser spotted woodpeckers if you should be so lucky. Ground nuts, commonly known as peanuts are rich in protein and oils, great for keeping birds feathers and beaks in good condition and produce very little or no waste. Peanuts are sold in many guised, whole, blanched, split or granules. All make excellent feeds but be aware that during ‘nesting, season it is not advisable to feed whole peanuts except from a peanut feeder. This avoids the possibility of fledglings choking.

Once your order arrives it’s important that you store peanuts in a cool dry place and always ensure water is available.

To ensure your peanuts are within specified aflatoxin levels, always purchase from a reputable supplier.

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Typical Energy Analysis


Calorific  value per 100g

Meal worms

150 calories


300 calories


350 calories


370 calories

Niger seed

480 calories

Black sunflower

500 calories


550 calories

Sunflower hearts

600 calories


800 calories


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