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Bird Peanuts Economy Grade


Using bird peanuts as wild bird food

Red or pale skinned peanuts, size 70/80 nuts per ounce. Extra rich in essential oils, thus making an excellent food for all year feeding. Bird peanuts are suitable and liked by most species of birds including tits, finches, woodpeckers, starlings and many more.

Bird peanuts are suitable for feeding in hanging wire feeders all year round. To avoid the chance of fledglings choking, avoid peanuts on bird tables, trays and ground feeders during nesting season.

Bird peanuts

Will bird peanuts attract more birds to my garden? 

If using bulk peanuts for birds for the first time, don’t be discouraged if you don’t get birds straight away. Just tell yourself it will be worth the wait when you see a variety of different birds visiting.

Adding bird peanuts will be a welcome addition to your backyard buffet and you could see a whole host of new varieties of wildlife paying you a visit. 

Why should you put out bird peanuts

Bird peanuts are perfect for year round feeding but are especially welcome for wild birds in winter. These bird peanuts are filled with protein and fat that will help keep your garden birds healthy and strong no matter the season.

All our bird peanuts are certified as nil detectable signs of aflatoxin.

Always ensure water is available

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