Suet Products, Suet Pellets and Fat Balls

Suet Pellets and Suet Fat Balls

Our suet pellets and fat balls for birds are of the highest quality, that will be sure to keep them coming back for more. Fat balls are commonly put out in winter months when natural food sources are sparse. These high energy suet products give birds that extra boost to help them thrive.

 Benefits of our suet bird food

  • Can be used all year around
  • The birds that visit in the winter will keep coming back for more
  • High energy suet pellets and fat balls help birds survive in harsher conditions
  • Loved by all garden birds
  • Free next day delivery

Our suet pellets are great when combined with our bird seed mixes. They are available in mealworm, insect and berry flavour or our most popular ‘mixed flavours’. Blended to suit every birds palate.