Here at Kenedy Wild Bird Food, we have a wide variety of bird food for you to feed to the wild birds that visit your garden.

We are especially proud of our range of sunflower seeds. We sell different types of sunflower seeds so that you can find the kind that is right for the wild birds that like to visit your garden, but are sunflower seeds bad for wild birds?

A sunflower

Are Sunflower Seeds Bad For Wild Birds?

Sunflower seeds are in fact very good for birds and are one of the healthier choices you can make when it comes to choosing the right bird food to put in your feeders.

Sunflower seeds are filled with all the nutrients and proteins birds need. birds need something known as good fats to help them a good weight, especially in winter. Birds need to store fat to help keep them warm, especially as the months get colder.

Sunflower seeds have all the good fats birds need to regulate their body temperature as well as all the protein that needs to stay strong healthy. These proteins are especially useful when birds need to keep their strength up, especially if they are flying, hunting, or nesting.

Most birds can eat sunflower seeds without any ill effects. Birds are not too picky when it comes to food and will eat almost anything you leave out them. Sunflower seeds are a safe and healthy food to leave out for the birds in your garden to eat.

A variety of birds will come to eat from your feeder if you have sunflower seeds and changing to sunflower seeds won’t deter any of the garden birds you already have. It might even increase the number or variety of birds that visit.

great tit bird eating sunflower

What Kind Of Sunflower Seeds Are Theirs?

There are a few different types of sunflower seeds that you can feed your garden birds. Other types of sunflower seeds include:

  • Striped sunflower seeds – Stripped sunflower seeds are the entire seed. Birds don’t often go for these as the shell is quite hard and it can be tough for birds to get them open. Birds don’t tend to eat the shells of seeds and are trying to get to the heart inside.
  • Sunflower Hearts – Sunflower hearts are simply the nutritious insides of sunflower seeds but without the shell. This is ideal for smaller birds who can’t open the shells with their smaller softer beaks. 
  • Sunflower heart chips – Sunflower heart chips are chipped or flaked sunflower hearts. This is ideal for small and very young birds who can’t eat bigger seeds but still need all the nutrients sunflower seeds provide.

Remember to always purchase sunflower seeds, as well as other seeds and nuts, from a bird food specialised. Nuts and seeds may be available in supermarkets, but they are designed for human consumption, not wild birds. As a result, these nuts and seeds may be coated or treated with chemicals and substances that can be harmful to birds.

All of our products here at Kennedy Wild Bird Food are designed with the bird’s health in mind so you can be sure that you are feeding the wild birds food that is good for them and won’t cause them any harm.

sunflower heart seeds

What Are Black Sunflower Seeds?

Black sunflower seeds are a type of birdseed that is extremely healthy and good for birds. Black sunflower seeds are absolutely packed full of all the vital nutrients they need to survive and thrive in the wild.

The nutritional benefits of black sunflower seeds include:

  • 28% fat
  • 25% fibre
  • 15% protein
  • Calcium
  • B vitamins
  • Vitamin E
  • Iron
  • Potassium

Best all black sunflower seeds have a very thin shell. this makes it easier for the birds to get through the shell and into the meat of the sunflower, even if their beak isn’t that sharp or big.

black sunflower seed

Where can I Buy Sunflower Seeds?

Kennedy Wild Bird Feed provides the best quality bird food for your garden birds. We have a range of birds foods for you to choose from depending on what is right for you and the birds you like to feed.

We have everything from protein-packed mealworms, to fatty suet balls and pellets, to our top-quality sunflower seeds for birds. We offer delicious nutritious bird food at a competitive price and offer free next day delivery.