Updated Jan 2022

In this bird food comparison article, we looked at the difference between well-known bird seed supplier, Ark Wildlife and Kennedy Wild Bird Food. When we broke these prices down, it showed some pretty eye-opening results.

Our Wild Bird Food Policy

We want our customers to receive the best bird seed for the lowest prices. It’s your consumer right to price compare with other bird seed suppliers. See what they are charging for similar products. At Kennedy Wild Bird Food we provide high-quality, low priced locally grown bird seed. This is so you know you are getting the best deal possible. This comparison will be looking at another well-known bird seed supplier, Ark Wildlife.

Ark Wildlife Premium Sunflower Hearts – £48.75 per 26 kg.

Kennedy Wild Bird Food Premium sunflower Hearts – £39.99 per 25 kg

  Arguably the ultimate bird seed, sunflower hearts are immensely popular with our feathered friends. Not only are they rich in oil, energy and protein, but they are husk-free, meaning they are mess-free too!

However, paying over the odds won’t make you happy. At £1.88 per kg at Ark Wildlife, you are actually paying over 28p more per kg than if you were to purchase with Kennedy. 

Ark Wildlife Classic Peanuts – £57.00 per 26 kg

Kennedy Wild Bird Food economy peanuts – £42.99 per 25 kg

In recent years, peanuts have become a staple of our birds’ diet. As another bird food with all the essential oils and protein, many bird food suppliers have begun bumping up the prices of their peanuts. Not at Kennedy; we are one of the only bird food suppliers who keep our peanuts below £2.00 a kg. At £1.72, we are 47p cheaper per kg than Ark Wildlife.               


Ark Wildlife niger seed – £60.75 per 26 kg

Kennedy Wild Bird Food niger seed – £40.55 per 25 kg

Niger seed is a tasty treat beloved by goldfinches, greenfinches and siskins, but it can also be incredibly pricey. At £1.62 per kg, you will quickly find Kennedy has some of the cheapest niger seed on the internet.  70p cheaper per kg than Ark Wildlife. Make sure you read our niger seed guide here.

Ark Wildlife ground & table bird food – £55.50 per 26 kg

Kennedy Wild Bird Food ground feed bird food – £35.90 per 25 kg

Ground Feed Mixture is great for those who don’t have any space for bird feeders in their garden, or simply don’t want one. It gives everyone a chance to feed the birds that visit and can be spread across a table or any surface for that matter. At £1.44 per kg, Kennedy once again is a mile cheaper than other popular bird food suppliers such as Ark Wildlife, who charge £2.13 per kg!