The Robin, one of the UK’s favourite birds, is specifically spotted around Christmas. Easy to identify with its red face and breast, Robins can be heard singing all year round. Robins live across the UK and can be spotted all year round; however, outside of the summer months, they are most likely to visit your gardens.

Robins eat a wide variety of foods, however, like with any bird breed, they have their favourites! In this blog, we discuss the best bird feed for Robins.

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Bird Feed For Robins

Robins predominantly feed on insects. During the months when food is more readily available, you will likely spot Robins foraging for food in woodland areas, looking for their favourite snack.

Of course, Robins feed all year round, but they are much known for their arrival at Christmas time. Because of this, Robins tend to look for foods with high fat and nutrient content. Worms are a firm favourite amongst Robins, mealworms mainly being made up of 48% crude protein and 40% fat. 

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Robins also feed on fruit, seeds, suet, and sunflower hearts. All of which provide an appropriate amount of protein and healthy fats to maintain a Robins health and energy.

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How To Feed Robins

Knowing what to feed them is one thing, but it’s important that you know the how when it comes to feeding Robins too. 

There are several ways in which Robins will get the most out of your garden.

Ground Feeding Trays

Because Robins naturally feed on the ground, digging up live prey, ground feeding trays are ideal for feeding Robins. A mixture of sunflower hearts and hydrated mealworms on a ground feeding tray will make the Robins feel right at home!

Bird Tables

Another easy place for Robins to feed on. Higher up from the ground, to potentially avoid other visitors.  Bird tables are an ideal platform for Robins. It’s important to note however, that covered bird tables make for a safer bird feeding platform, keeping the food dry will avoid mould and bacteria which will, in turn, harm Robins.

Robin Seed Feeder

Robins tend to ignore hanging bird feeders, due to their behaviour in the wild. The Robin Feeder is designed to be specifically preferred by Robins, adopting the tray style. This high capacity feeder means less frequent refills.

Robins prefer to have somewhere to perch while they eat so bear that in mind when attempting to attract Robins to your garden. 

What To Feed Robins In Winter

As with other birds, winter is the time that Robins require high fat and energy levels in their food. Especially if we want to see those friendly faces around at Christmas time! Suet for birds is a brilliant winter choice, topping Robins up on their much-needed energy intake.

What To Feed Robins In Summer

Berries, fruit, and sunflower seeds are all healthy options for Robins in the warmer months around Spring and Summer. Providing high energy without running the risk of going off in the sun. Your garden is likely to attract more visitors in the summer months so Robins and their food must be protected.

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Robin Behaviour

Robins are referred to as ‘friendly’ birds to humans, staying close to gardens, and sometimes even feeding on our hands. This is why it is so important to make sure our gardens are stocked up with the right food for them. They are a visitor that will keep coming back.

Robins defend their territories year-round and it is unusual for them to migrate, specifically female Robins.

Friendly to humans, but Robins can be fierce when it comes to protecting their homes and young. Hence the need for their energy levels to be constantly topped up! It’s important to be aware that Robins will nest near enough anywhere, so if you’re lucky enough for this to happen in your garden, feed them well!

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