Bird Food Guides From Kennedy Wild Bird Food

At Kennedy, we thought it would be a good idea to provide our customers with some helpful bird feeding guides for each type of bird food we supply, so you can attract a greater variety of bird to your garden.

Take a look at some of our bird food guides below:

Tips for choosing bird food

In this guide, you will find many great tips. Whether you want to know how to choose the right bird food, or how to feed birds in winter, this guide will help you choose the right bird food before you decide to buy.

Peanuts as bird food

Peanuts are rich in fat and immensely popular with a whole range of adult birds. However, peanuts can be tricky to feed, especially if you have never done it before. Make sure you check out our guide for using peanuts as bird food before you do.

Mealworms as bird food

Mealworms are a natural and nutritious food and can be used to feed birds throughout the year. However, it’s also the type of food where you need to buy from a reputable supplier. Dry mealworms, live mealworms and waxworms, read our guide if you are new to using mealworms as bird food.

Niger seed

Niger seed is a small black seed with a high oil content. A special type of seed feeder is required to dispense the seed. Niger seed is a particular favourite with siskins, goldfinches and greenfinches. Read our ultimate guide to niger seed here.

Sunflower hearts

Sunflower hearts are wonderful all year round, and in many areas in the UK are a bird’s main feeding source. Black sunflower seed contains more oil than your regular striped sunflower seed, making them great for winter feeding. Sunflower hearts are also an immensely popular choice. Find out why in our sunflower hearts guide here.

Remember to try and provide tiered feeding stations where possible with a whole range of different bird foods.

Using suet products and fat balls

During the cold winter months, suet and fat balls can provide your garden birds with some much-needed nutrition. They can also be a great source of energy for your feathered friends, making them perfect, not just for winter, but for feeding all year round! Read our guide to using suet products and fat balls.

The Ultimate Guide to Using Mixed Bird Seed

Make sure you are using the best-mixed bird seed for your garden, with our ultimate guide to using mixed bird seed. Ensure you’re attracting your favourite wildlife to your garden and prevent the unwanted growth of plants from discarded seeds.