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We take great pride in our homemade bird seed mixes, blended from locally sourced seeds. Unlike some competitors, we don’t include any additives into our bird seed mixes, only the finest seeds are used to offer the highest quality mixed bird feed!

Our bird seed mixes can be used all year round, perfect for attracting a variety of different bird species. So how can you use it to attract a variety of birds to your garden?

We have a number of different guides to help you navigate our bird feed and feeders, but we thought it would be more beneficial to deliver the ultimate guide to using blended bird seed, so you can get the most out of your wild bird food.

The Best Bird Feed to Avoid Unwanted Growth

If you’ve noticed unwanted foliage growing around where your bird feeder or bird table is located, you may want to look at getting a no grow mixture. No grow mixed bird food is a more affordable, non-propagating mix, which ensures you don’t find plants popping up in unwanted areas of your garden.

Our no grow bird seed mix contains 20% sunflower hearts, flaked naked oats, pinhead oats, kibbled maise and rapeseed oil. It is best served scattered as ground feed or on bird tables. It can be used in feeders, but in wet conditions, it can become sticky and potentially clog up your bird feeder.  

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The Best Bird Feed For Keeping Garden Birds Healthy

All our seed mixes offer your garden birds a whole host of nutritional benefits. However, we do offer some specialist blended bird seed mixes that offer a little something extra.

Our High Energy Ground Feed Mixture is the perfect way to give your feathered friends a boost of energy. This blended bird food mix is perfect for those months when birds may need a little energy boost, such as winter and spring.

The Best Blended Bird Feed Mix For the Different Seasons

All our bird seed mixes are great for any time of year, however, you may want to use a more specific type for the changing seasons, for example:

The best bird feed for winter:

Our Superior High Energy Mix is ideal for bridging the gap when natural food sources are scarce. With sunflower hearts, you can offer your garden birds an, even more, energy-packed snack.

The best bird feed for spring:

We would highly recommend our High Energy Ground Feed for the spring months. Perfect for giving your garden birds an energy boost and it can easily be scattered on the ground or on bird tables.

For the warmer months, you may want to opt for a no-grow or won’t grow mixture. British summer time can be an equal mix of wet and warm, which can often create the perfect conditions for the germination of seeds.

To make sure you don’t have to do extra gardening during these months, our non-propagating mixtures are the perfect solution.


The best Blended bird seed for autumn:

To prepare for the cold, winter months, why not offer our All Season Executive Blend, a calorific birdseed mixture aimed at all year round feeding.

The Best Blended Bird Seed For Bird Feeders

There are some mixes that will not be suitable for bird feeders, as they can become ‘sticky’ and potentially block up the feeder itself. The majority of our bird food can be used in regular seed feeders, however, we also offer peanut bird feeders and squirrel proof bird feeders.

We specify on all our product pages, the most beneficial way to use our bird seed mixes, so make sure you check the product information before filling up your feeder.

Make sure you always have a good source of water for your birds, if you’re offering them any type of wild bird food.

All our bird seed mixes are loved and savoured by garden birds, so sit back and watch as your garden is filled with your favourite breeds!