Celebrate National Bird Day with some urban birding

With city centre living on the rise, many of us may find that we have limited access to the wide open spaces often preferred by our feathered friends.

National Bird Day marks an occasion on which all wildlife lovers can team together to appreciate and admire our nation’s most beautiful breeds of bird. But, if you are one of the many that live in our more urban areas, you may be wondering how you can get involved in National Bird Day.

Here at Kennedy Wild Bird Food, we are here to help everyone uncover their love of the UK’s wild birds, even those that live in concrete cities!

Uncovering the hidden potential of urban birdwatching

There is something deeply rewarding about urban birdwatching. It’s more challenging to spot rare breeds within busy city or town centres, which makes the rewards feel even more special.

The trick to bird watching when you’re lacking any green space is to keep your eyes peeled and pay attention!

It’s easy to sit quietly in a hide or in a wide open field, ready to spot any passing birds, but many birds will be hiding in plain sight within urban areas. The trouble is, many of us that reside in these areas live a busy and hectic lifestyle, that means we are not as switched on to the world around us.

If you spot a bird close by, take a second to really look at it, even if you think you know what it is! Pigeons are the most common within cities and towns, but other, less common breeds have been known to nest down within the shelter of tall buildings and enclosed areas.

Looking for birds in your town or city? Why not record your findings using our BirdSpotter app and find out what other birders have spotted near you!

How to attract birds in urban areas

You may be wondering how you actually attract different breeds of bird when you are surrounded by tall buildings and busy high streets. The best way is to find a quiet spot, every urban area has at least one!

Taking some time out to just sit and watch the world around you is the perfect way to spot various species of bird. You can also invest in some of our wild bird food, such as our ground feed mixture. Sprinkle a little on the area around you and see which birds you can attract.

What to feed urban birds

There’s no difference in feeding birds you find in the city, to birds that visit the gardens of suburban homes. However, it is best to find the most nutritionally dense wild bird food for city birds, as they may not be eating as healthily as those that live in wide open spaces.

Our premium economy wild bird food is the perfect mix to feed any bird! Why not take a small bag with you when you set off, sprinkle some in your favourite location and record the different breeds that fly by for a visit?!

Want to get involved with National Bird Day? Find out more over on the Avian Welfare Coalition website, and enjoy the beauty of British birds on January 5th 2018!