Easter egg hunt for the kids

A childrens Easter egg hunt with a twist. Bird eggs and nests are a fascinating part of ornithology  Did you know that house sparrows are a messy bunch who make their nests with pretty much anything they can pull together? On the other hand, robins are tidy and their beautiful nests consist of twigs, grass mosses and lichen, all carefully woven together.

With Easter on the horizon, and nesting season well underway, we thought it would be the perfect time to share our fun-filled Easter egg hunt. Perfect for children of all ages, you will find it offers a fresh take on the classic scavenger hunt. The perfect activity to get your children outdoors this spring.

The Kennedy Wild Bird Food Easter Egg Hunt Infographic

Nest Boxes for Birds

When the hunt is over, you don’t have to discard the nests you made. If you have some nest boxes, why not help the garden birds out by letting them use your premade nest?

Make sure you leave plenty of tasty bird food out in your garden to attract some more wild birds. You never know, you might see some real bird eggs!