Updated Jan 2022

Cheapest Place for Wild Bird Food

Following on from our bird food price comparison chart, here at Kennedy, we decided to create a series of blogs that delve a little deeper into our prices when compared with the other big UK brands.

This month, we decided to look at CJ Wildlife, arguably the most well-known bird feed supplier in the UK.

Kennedy Wild Bird Food sunflower hearts– £39.99 per 25 kg

CJ Wildlife sunflower hearts £44.99 per 20 kg

Sunflower Hearts are a firm favourite with all birds. They provide the perfect energy boost all year round and are packed with protein and essential oils that birds need to thrive.

However, at £2.25 per kg, a 20kg bag of CJ wildlife sunflower hearts will set you back £44.99. When you consider that sunflower hearts are so popular, this could easily build up throughout the year.

The Kennedy Wild Bird Food premium sunflower hearts are £1.60 per kg with next day free delivery. This means not only are you saving 65p every kg, but the 25kg bags mean you are actually getting an addition 5Kg for free

With a 5 star rating from over 600 reviews, make sure you have a look at our premium grade sunflower hearts here.

Kennedy Wild Bird Food economy peanuts – £42.99 per 25 kg

CJ Wildlife premium peanuts £50.99 per 20 kg

Peanuts for birds are fast becoming a popular treat for wild garden birds as more and more people are learning about their benefits. With the demand increasing, unfortunately so does the price.

However, at £1.72 per kg, the Kennedy Wild Bird Food economy peanuts are arguably the cheapest in the country. A 25kg bag will not only last longer, as peanuts should be used sparingly but at £42.99 with free next day delivery, it’s amazing value for money.

When compared with £50.99 for only 20kg at CJ Wildlife, you are saving yourself 93p per kg when you buy with Kennedy Wild Bird Food. Have a peek at our premium peanuts here.

Kennedy Wild Bird Food niger seed – £40.55 per 25 kg

CJ Wildlife niger seed £29.99 per 10 kg

Finches and Sparrows love niger seed. Due to the reputation of niger seed as being an immensely popular food for garden birds, it means many bird food suppliers are bumping up their prices.

£1.62 per kg is the price you will pay at Kennedy Wild Bird Food, meaning a mammoth 25kg bag will cost you £40.55 with free next day delivery. When you compare this to CJ Wildlife on the other hand, a smaller, 10kg bag will cost you £29.99

If we do a quick sum on the CJ Wildlife Niger Seed, it works out at £74.75 for the same amount you can get from Kennedy Wild Bird Food for £40.55.

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Kennedy Wild Bird Food ground feed bird food – £35.90 per 25 kg

CJ Wildlife hi energy ground blend bird food £31.20 per 10 kg

Ground feed mixture is really handy when you don’t have any bird feeders in your garden. However, some prices are truly staggering. But don’t let other suppliers high prices put you off. At Kennedy, we keep ours at a low price, meaning that everyone has a chance at feeding their feathered friends.

For 25 kg of the ground feed mixture, Kennedy Wild Bird Food charge £35.90 with free next day delivery – in other terms, that is £1.44 per kg. When we compare a 10kg bag from CJ wildlife for £31.20 (£3.12 per kg) the savings become crystal clear.

You don’t need a bird feeder to provide food to your garden birds – Have a look are low price Ground Feed Mixture here.

Kennedy Wild Bird wont grow feed bird food – £42.75 per 25 kg

CJ Wildlife hi energy no mess bird food £44.99 per 20 kg

Won’t grow, or no mess bird seed is a great all rounder. Whilst preventing mess, it also attracts a large number of birds without leaving your garden a mess.

No mess bird seed is an attractive option for many budding birdwatchers who want to keep their garden in great shape at the same time. That is why it’s such a pity many UK bird food suppliers charge a small fortune.

A bulky 25kg bag of won’t grow mixture at Kennedy is £1.71 per kg, or £42.75 with free next day delivery. Compared with CJ Wildlife who charge £44.99 for 20kg, you are saving yourself £0.49 for every single kg when you purchase with Kennedy. This will ensure your garden, and bank account are in good shape!

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