There are so many outdoor activities and garden-themed crafts that you can share with your kids. Not only are such activities healthy for the body, but they also enrich the mind and promote sociable interaction with others. When it comes to easy crafts for kids, your first port of call should be your garden (or a local outdoor space if you have one).

We’re not going to beat around the bush, so here are the best nature activities that you and your children can do. Take a look!

Cactus plants (made from rocks!)

If you have lots of small rocks in your garden, you can get creative by turning them into lush green cacti! You’ll need a handful of small, smooth rocks, some green and white craft paints,  and a little pot (you may also want some soil or rocks depending on what you want for the foundation).

The rest is self-explanatory, really! You can get more information about what to do here.

Make a bird feeder out of a milk carton

With a used milk carton you can create a bird feeder that will look great in your garden. All you have to do is cut the sides to make wings and then make a cut at the front of the carton to create a space where birds can duck their heads in and enjoy some treats. Your kids will love decorating the bird feeder whichever colour they fancy (you can also bring the feeder to life with some googly eyes). You can see a full tutorial here.

How about a mini garden pond?

With a mini garden pond, you can create a small-scale habitat that little pond-dwelling creatures will love. Simply hollow out a patch of soft ground (around 10 inches deep) and fill it with water (you can throw in some grass or moss to make it even more natural). Lastly, line the pond with sticks to prevent dirt and mud from entering the pond. For more detailed instructions, take a look at the tutorial here.

Get creative with stick figures

Inspired by brightly-coloured sculptures in Oaxaca (Mexico), these eye-catching stick figures are a great way to encourage outdoor creativity in your little ones. Plus, they’re really easy. All you need are a few sticks (look for ones with distinctive features!) and some craft paints. Clean your chosen stick and strip away any loose bark. Then, cover the stick in white acrylic paint (this makes the colours you choose later really pop).

Get eggshell planting

If you want to start a few seedlings, you can reuse eggshells! They act as a perfect makeshift plant pot, so if you have a few seeds that you’d like to grow and nourish then eggshells are a creative way you can do just that. What’s more, if you have limited space in your home then this is a really unique way that you can jazz things up without taking up too much room.

Check out how you can get started with this tutorial.

Get your little ones out in the open

There you have it! There are so many opportunities for fun and games in your garden, so you don’t have to look far. You can sit back, relax, and watch the birds go by. Perfect.

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