If you leave food out for the birds in your garden, you might find that more and more birds start to visit. As more and more birds start to visit your garden you might start seeing a wider variety of birds and you might even see some birds that you have never seen before or can’t identify.

Feeding the birds in your garden is a great way to start bird watching and bird watching from the garden can be a great way to see more birds and help them along the way. In this blog, we will talk about how you can bird watch from your garden and how to identify birds in your garden.

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How To Bird Watch From Your Garden?

Bird watching from your garden is a great activity to get into if you are looking for a hobby that can get you outdoor, get you more involved with nature and help the local wildlife at the same time. You can of course travel to specific locations to bird watch but by bird watching from home, you don’t need to leave the house which can be a huge help when the weather is cold or if you just feel more comfortable at home.

You can fill a bird feeder or place food on a bird table and leave them in a place where that is visible to you from a window. From there you can sit, get cosy and watch as birds come and visit your garden. A lot of the time birds will come and visit your garden throughout the day, so you don’t have to sit and wait for them to come. You can go about your day, but always be nearby when they do come to visit.

You need to make sure that your garden is somewhere birds will want to visit. You need to leave out food, and you need to make sure it is food that the birds will want to eat and be attracted by. You also need to think about other things you can leave for the birds.

Birds need water to drink and clean themselves in. Birds will be attracted by a water feature if your garden has any, but if not then you can leave water out for them by placing a large dish of water in the garden, the dish needs to be large enough for them to bathe in so keep that in mind.

You need to make sure that the garden Is safe for the birds that come and visit. If the birds do not feel safe in your garden then they will not come back. Make sure you leave the food and water for the birds on a high level or platform. If you leave it on the ground then this could leave the birds open to attacks from predators like cats.

You might notice a time when birds visit more often and you can start to plan your bird watching around that. Over time, as birds come to recognise your garden as a safe place to eat, the visits will become more frequent and more birds might come to eat at your garden.

When this happens you might notice birds that you have not seen before and might wonder what type of bird they are. If this is the case then here is how to identify birds in your garden.

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How To Identify Birds In Your Garden?

When a new bird visits the garden it can be very exciting and of course, you will want to know what kind of bird it is. Don’t worry if you can’t identify the bird on your own. Try and remember what it looks like or if possible try and take a picture on your phone. Be careful when taking a picture of the bird as sometimes a sudden flash can scare them or cause them pain.

You can use helpful sights like RSPB.org which is a useful page on how to identify a bird. Once you get used to identifying birds you will become more confident at it and start to notice small patterns and traits that will help you identify the species of bird on your own.

If you discover you really enjoy spotting and identifying birds you can keep a journal of all the birds you see and even start to try and find more birds that you haven’t seen before by changing up the food you use and seeing if any new birds are attracted to this new food.