Here at Kennedy Wild Bird Food, we love to see the different types of birds our customer’s spot in their gardens or local areas. Plus we get a lot of questions about bird identification, bird feeding, and customers sharing stories of birds they have seen with each other.

Combining all of this in one place we now have a dedicated way for you to record all the birds you have spotted, access identification guides, view birds others have spotted in your area, and a handy A-Z of common birds including feeding guides and other useful information.

Bird Spotter

Allow us to introduce you to Bird Spotter – our dedicated area for recording the birds you see and discovering what other species people have seen in your local area.

Using Bird Spotter is as easy and signing up only takes a minute.

The first time you go to enter a bird, you will be prompted to log in or sign up (see form below), simply create a username and set a password for instant access. For convenience, you can also use your Facebook account to log in.

bird spotter log in screen shot

Once you are signed up, click on the ‘ADD BIRD’ tab and then follow the prompts to add your sighting. You can add the location, species, and a photo of the bird you have seen, plus add any additional notes you may wish to remember.

bird spotter screen grab

Once you have finished your entry, simply click submit and your entry will go live on the site within a few minutes. You will then be able to see your sightings, plus others will be able to view your sightings.

Navigate through to the home page where you will find a map (ensure your location services are switched on in your browser or this feature won’t work) you will be able to view your birds on the map, plus others in your area. Use the tick boxes or the search function on the left-hand side to search for specific species in your area – who knows, you might even find someone else spotted your bird!

bird spot screen grab map

Identifying Birds

Spotted a bird but not too sure what it is?

Scroll through our handy A-Z of birds to help you find your bird. Each entry has a clear picture to enable you to quickly find the bird you are looking for.

bird a-z screen shot

When you have found the bird you are looking for, click on the image to be taken through to a guide on the species, including a bird feeding guide.

Enjoying Bird Spotter?

As you can see Bird Spotter is very easy to use and is a great way to record your findings and discover new species.

We are continually improving the website so if you have any suggestions on other features we could add or improvements you would like to see, please do get in touch!