New years resolution for birders

New years resolution for birders. Around this time of year, many of us will be thinking ahead to 2018 and what it might bring. With the New Year comes resolutions too, so we’ve put together our ideas for New Year’s resolutions for birders.

Make your garden a haven for birds

One of the easiest New Year resolution ideas is to spend some time making your garden a haven for birds. Add some bird-friendly plants, such as berry-bearing shrubs, to provide wild bird food and an ample supply of worms and insects. Water sources and nesting spaces will also encourage feathered friends to take up residence in your garden.


During these colder months, make sure to leave out food for the wild birds in your garden – our bird seed mix is a perfect source of nutrition for all garden birds that may pop in for a visit!


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Keep track of your sightings

A great way to take your birding to the next level is to start tracking your bird sightings, and see how many species you can spot in 2018. It is not unheard of for ‘twitchers’ to spot hundreds of species in a year! For an easy way to keep track, head over to our BirdSpotter website to log your sightings, and discuss them with other birders on the forum.


You can even create a birding bucket list for yourself, so you can start ticking off the birds you want to spot most whilst on your travels!

Get social

Although birding can often be a great opportunity to spend some time alone in the great outdoors, there are plenty of ways to make this hobby social. Local bird watching clubs and groups can be found up and down the country and are a great way to make friends and share knowledge. Take a look for events and groups on the RSPB website, or keep an eye out in your local community.

Volunteer your time

One of the most meaningful birding resolutions you can make is volunteering your time for conservation projects. This could be in conjunction with national charities such as the RSPB or local conservation and environmental groups. Alternatively, take part in projects from the comfort of your own home with the Big Garden Birdwatch or other surveys from the BTO.

These simple, but unique New Year’s resolutions should help you to take your birding to the next level, and support the wild birds in your local area. Make sure you’ve got a healthy supply of wild bird food to hand though, you wouldn’t want to run out before you get the chance to spot your favourite birds!