The UK has many birds that are becoming endangered and facing extinction. Luckily there are things we can do to help with saving the Curlew and making it easier for them to survive in difficult locations.

What Is A Curlew?

A Curlew is a European water bird that can be found in the UK. They are part of a group of birds known as waders because of how they prefer to wade in shallow water.

They can be found anywhere there is water in the UK but prefer the coast and can be spotted in many UK coastal towns. They are also found wading in mudflats and estuaries.

Why Is The Curlew In Danger?

The Curlew is listed as a ‘vulnerable species’ and is on the European red list meaning they are at high risk of extinction. Curlew numbers are dropping in the UK and there’s been a 20-30% reduction in curlew breeding numbers in the past 15 years.

The Curlew is also on the UK red list and is one of the most important conservations in the UK at the moment.

There are many reasons the curlew is facing extinction and sadly most of them are down to human involvement. Including loss and fragmentation of breeding habitat, increased nest and chick predation, afforestation, human disturbance and nest destruction due to agricultural activities. 

Many birds, not just curlew, are losing vital breeding and feeding grounds to human structures. As the UK population grows and expands, as do our residential areas. This means curlew are returning to the UK for food and mating grounds and discovering they are no longer there.

For many birds, every day is a struggle for survival. They have to find enough food to eat to maintain the proper nutrients and calories it takes for them to survive, day by day. They also need to be able to nest and find a safe place to mate, lay and incubate eggs and then they must keep their chicks safe and well-fed also.

This is almost impossible without the natural habitats they rely on. Birds are having to survive on less food, which means fewer nutrients, which means less energy to use throughout the day.

How Can I Help Save The Curlew And Other Endangered Birds?

Helping to save endangered birds is a lot easier than you think. All birds really need is access to food and water and a safe place to do so. You can make your garden into a safe area for birds to come and rest and eat to build up their strength so that they have the energy that they need for the day.

If you are going to leave food out for a bird then you need to make sure it is suitable. Seeds and nuts from a supermarket can sometimes have chemicals and preservatives that are harmful to birds. If you want to make sure that what you are feeding garden birds won’t hurt them, your safest option is to use a bird food specialist.

Here at Kenedy Wild Bird Food all of our bird food has been specially designed to not only be safe for birds to eat but to provide them with all the nutrients and proteins they need to make it through the day.

Kenedy Wild Bird Food has a range of bird food to suit every kind of bird including:

Mixed Birdseed

We sell a range of mixed birds seeds with every mix specially designed to either suit a particular bird or help with a particular part of the bird’s diet.

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The peanuts we sell for birds are different from the ones you find in supermarkets. It’s important that you only feed birds food that has been tested so that it is not harmful to them. We have a variety of peanuts for birds including peanuts both with and without shells.

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Suet is a great alternative to dry foods. Here at Kennedy Wild Bird Feed we have a variety of different suet products like suet pellets, fat balls and filled coconut shells.

Sunflower Seeds For Birds

Sunflower seeds are possibly the best thing you could feed to your garden birds. They are full of all the nutrients and good fats that birds need to stay healthy. We have sunflower hearts, sunflower heart chips and black sunflower seeds.

Sunflower Seeds for birds