So you have bought a nest box in a bid to lure more feathered friends into your garden but are now unsure exactly where you should place the box?

If so, youre in the right place – see below for our handy guide to situating your new nest box.

situating a nest box

Situating A Nest Box

How High?

Different species of birds like to nest at different levels, but most common garden birds will feel comfortable and safe at somewhere between two and four metres.

Shady Spots Only Please  

Nest boxes can become extremely hot when they’re situated in direct sunlight. Avoid south-facing exposures completely and aim to hang your box in a nice, shaded spot.

Out Of Reach

Cats and other predators aren’t beyond trying to invade a nest box if they can reach them. Ensure your box isn’t near any structures which could provide predators with easy access.

Provide Cover

Birds are much more likely to choose your nest box to rear their chicks if the box is protected a little. Nest boxes in trees, for example, offer a little more privacy and protection.

Quiet Please!

Place nest boxes in areas with low footfall where they are least likely to be disturbed by humans or pets. Some birds aren’t as shy as others, but a quiet spot is suitable for most birds.

Feed In Separate Areas

Birds generally won’t nest in the same areas they choose to feed. If you provide bird food in your garden, situate bird boxes in a different area.