It’s that time of year when our feathered friends are migrating to and from our beautiful little island. To celebrate our migrating birds, we’ve put together this Great British Bird Quiz to put your bird knowledge to the test! 

Let’s get started…

See if you can guess the bird from the image and description. The answers will be revealed at the end of this page – so no cheating! Pen and paper at the ready.

1. You’ll find it in an 18th-century nursery rhyme

Let’s start with an easy one. This common bird is a frequent visitor to gardens all over the country and it is well known to stick around during the migration season. There are over 4 million breeding pairs of this bird in the UK and the clue really is in the picture. You’ll also find this bird has a home in a popular 18th-century nursery rhyme. Can you name it?

2. Red-breasted, but not a robin

This round, red-breasted bird can often be spotted in the countryside or hiding amongst overgrown hedges. Over recent years, they have been visiting more and more gardens to forage for food. From berries and seeds to invertebrates, they are known to eat a varied diet. Can you guess the bird? One more clue, they’re part of the finch family!

3. This species only migrates in harsh winters

Boasting impressive green and yellow feathers, this petite bird can often be spotted at your bird table or feeder. You’ll also notice it has a black glossy head. This species is frequently being spotted in more urban areas, likely due to food availability, but they are traditionally woodland, farmland and park inhabitants.

4. We’re nuts about this bird

This omnivorous bird gets its name from the food it likes to eat the most! They are territorial foragers but may mix with other flocks to feed from time to time. They enjoy temperate environments and are being increasingly spotted in southern Scotland and northern England. Final clue… they can often be seen hanging from trees like a woodpecker, and their plumage is grey and orange. This is a tricky one, so the image below might help you out!

5. Commonly found hopping around hedges

This small brown bird is found all over the UK, all year round. It’s so common it even has two names! Male and females are very similar in appearance, with their streaky-brown feathers, but males have slightly darker heads. Its song can only be described as a short, warbling sound and you’ll hear and see it hopping around your flower beds and hedges – which could be where it gets its name from! We’ve said enough…

6. The only bird to recognise its reflection in a mirror…

What’s black, white and hops around your neighbourhood’s rooftops? Interestingly, this bird is considered as one of the most intelligent animals in the world. It can even recognise itself in a mirror! Take a guess…

7. Often confused with a blackbird

This bird is part of the thrush family and is often mistaken for a blackbird. It even has a call similar to that of the blackbird! What really sets it apart though is its white, ring-like collar. Can you name it?

Image source: putneymark on Flickr.

8. A social butterfly

Boasting lemon-yellow plumage, this bird resembles a yellow blur when in flight! Its bright colour reflects its quick, lively personality and it really stands out from the other birds you might spot in your garden. This social bird is incredibly trusting of humans, you might even get it to feed directly out of our hand. Go on, take a guess! If you’re stuck, here’s a picture to help you out…

9. Every host’s nightmare

This infamous bird is known for its egg mimicry, affecting many host species from the dunnock to the bramble. It is perhaps most known for its bird song, which is one of the most well-known bird songs worldwide. You’ll find this bird throughout the UK in spring and summer but it will often migrate to Africa during the colder months.

10. Bright and bulky

Last but not least in our Great British Bird Quiz is this bulky bird that has been known to polish off 1000 berries a day. That’s almost twice their bodyweight! You might be able to identify this bird by its brightly coloured tail and smooth, grey plumage. Take a look.

Did you guess them all correctly? You’ll find the answers below along with links to our A-Z bird profiles, so you can find out even more interesting facts about our feathered friends! If you’re looking to attract any of these species into your garden, you’ll want to put out some suet products for birds.

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Answers to the Great British Bird Quiz

  1. Blackbird
  2. Bullfinch
  3. Great tit 
  4. Nuthatch
  5. Hedge sparrow (Dunnock)
  6. Magpie  
  7. Ring ouzel
  8. Siskin
  9. Cuckoo
  10. Waxwing