The results are in from this year’s Big Garden Birdwatch and the top 10 most common birds in Britain have been revealed!

The RSPB runs the Big Garden Birdwatch every year, to help keep track of the UK’s bird population and understand which breeds of bird could be in danger and which ones are thriving.

Understanding which breeds need a bit of extra help allows the charity to put measures in place to ensure the survival of Britain’s best-loved birds. It means we can make sure all of our birds are being taken care of and gives bird lovers a better idea of which breeds they can expect to see in their own gardens.

Below are the top 10 UK garden birds as told by the Big Garden Birdwatch!

  1. Chaffinch

Down by one place from last year, the chaffinch still remains in the UK top 10 British birds. With 321,629 sightings this year, the humble chaffinch is still holding on to a top 10 spot. It has also taken the number 3 spot for the most common birds in Northern Ireland, with 3 chaffinches per garden!

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  1. Long-tailed tit

This tiny feathered friend has flown its way up to number 9 in the top 10 British birds, with a total of 327,602 sightings.

Not only is it working its way up the chart, but it also made it to number 7 in the Wales list of most common birds!

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  1. Robin

Down to number 7, the robin still holds firm as one of the UK’s most common birds. With 330,204 sightings across Britain, these red-breasted birds were seen in Northern Ireland more than any other part of the UK!

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  1. Great tit

Another high climber, the great tit has gone up one place, from 8 to 7 in the chart with 357,273 sightings in the UK’s gardens. Showing its beak in over 64% of Welsh gardens, the great tit has seen a boom over the last year!

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  1. Goldfinch

One of the most brightly coloured of Britain’s garden birds, the goldfinch has stayed in 6th place for the second year running. Notoriously difficult when it comes to bird feed, these birds love to feast on niger seed, but can be a bit picky.

With 431,147 spotted this year, it is worth investing in some high quality niger seed to attract these beautiful birds to your home!  

Gold finch

  1. Woodpigeon

The woodpigeon is always seen hopping about our gardens, mingling with other birds half its size. Often looking like the odd one out, 501,466 of these birds were seen in our gardens this year.

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  1. Blackbird

The blackbird has actually been knocked off the number 3 spot this year, dropping down one place in the chart. With 568,233 sightings in our gardens this year, there was a small drop in numbers, but they still remain firmly in the top 5 British garden birds!

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  1. Blue tit

Knocking the great British blackbird off the number 3 spot is the beautiful blue tit! 

This bright and cheerful breed of bird has graced our gardens 622,276 times in this year’s Big Garden Birdwatch and 79% of sightings were of a pair of blue tits, rather than just singular birds.

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  1. Starling

One of the UK’s most common birds, the starling, has managed to keep its number 2 spot!

With 724,060 spotted during the Big Garden Birdwatch, many of the mini-murmurations we often spot in our local countryside were spotted primarily in the Outer Hebrides, Orkney and Shetland!

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  1. House sparrow

And at number one (again!) it’s the House Sparrow with 1,034,239 sightings! 

These commonly seen birds have once again made it to the top of the chart and it looks like they are here to stay! Let the house sparrow feel the love when visiting your garden by making sure they have access to our economy mixed seed, a delicious snack for any resting sparrow.

All year round!

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