Updated Jan 2022

Lowest Price Quality Bird Food in the UK

Recently we released our bird food price comparison chart to show all of our customers that they are getting the best deal on all of their bird food purchases. The response we have had has been fantastic!

Whilst you will recognise some of these bird food suppliers before, our infographic showed that it doesn’t necessarily mean they are giving you the best price for your wild bird food. This article will go into further detail about our prices, where you will quickly discover that they are the best value in the UK.

Kennedy Wild Bird Food niger seed – £40.55 per 25 kg 

Vine House Farm niger seed – £48.00 per 25 kg 

Niger seed is a tasty treat that is loved by a vast array of wild garden birds including goldfinches, chaffinches, bullfinches, greenfinches and house sparrows. Niger seed has also developed a reputation as quite an expensive product, which means many bird feed suppliers are bumping up their prices

Our high quality niger seed is £40.55 per 25kg. Compare that with the Vine House Farm 25kg bag for £48.00 and you will quickly discover you are saving yourself over £7.45 every purchase. That is over 26p saved for every kg spent on Kennedy Wild Bird Food niger seed!

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Kennedy Wild Bird Food sunflower hearts – £39.99 per 25 kg 

Vine House Farm sunflower hearts – £42.00 per 25 kg

As well as having a 4.9/5 rating based on over 600 customer reviews, our sunflower hearts are £39.99 for a huge 25kg bag.  £2.00 cheaper for the same product.

That’s a representative saving of 8p per kg! Not only will your garden birds be happy with your large supply of high energy sunflower hearts, but so will your bank balance.

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Kennedy Wild Bird Food ground feed bird food – £35.90 per 25 kg 

Vine House Farm ground mix bird food – £47.00 per 25 kg

Not everyone has seed feeders, so sometimes a ground feed mixture is the only solution. However, there are plenty of prices out there that can be off putting, meaning you don’t get a chance to observe your feathered friends enjoying your garden.

Don’t fear, at Kennedy Wild Bird Food, a 25kg bag of ground feed mixture is £35.90! At £1.44 per kg, it’s £11.10 cheaper than the Vine House Farm ground mix. Even more savings!

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Kennedy Wild Bird Food premium peanuts – £48.45 per 25 kg 

Vine House Farm premium peanuts – £57.00 per 25 kg

Peanuts for birds are becoming more popular as people are quickly learning about the benefits of feeding peanuts as bird food. But, as the demand for peanuts increase, so does the price.

Not at Kennedy! Our premium peanuts for birds are amongst the lowest price in the UK. A bulk 25kg bag of premium peanuts at Kennedy will set you back £48.45. That is nearly £8.55 less expensive than at Vine House.

For advice on feeding peanuts to birds, check out one of our recent blog posts. If you are a peanut feeding pro, take a look at our premium peanuts for birds.

Kennedy Wild Bird Food wont grow bird food – £42.75 per 25 kg 

Vine House Farm wont grow bird food – £44.50 per 25 kg

Won’t grow mixture does exactly what it says on the label. A great all rounder, this mix will attract plenty of birds, whilst preventing mess and waste left behind by wild birds around your feeder

A 25kg, long lasting bag of won’t grow mixture at Kennedy will cost you £42.75. Compare this with Vine House Farm and their price of £44.00, the 5p difference per kg will become apparent.

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