There are lots of different birds in the UK and many of them will happily come to your garden to eat food when they can. There is one bird however that you can be sure will always come to visit your garden.

The pigeon is a common bird here in the UK and don’t be surprised if you see them start to visit your garden more often when they realise you have food. If you notice pigeons in your garden are looking for food then here is what bird food you can feed to pigeons.

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Should I Feed Pigeons?

There is a bit of a debate on whether or not you can feed pigeons in the UK. Pigeons, at least wild pigeons, are often seen as pests and some places might discourage you from feeding them. This is because if pigeons discover a place has food, they will start to hang around more and pigeons can breed very fast meaning if you are not careful a place can easily become overrun with them.

This is an issue for tourist attractions and places with a lot of eateries or shops. Pigeons can be very disruptive, and it can cause trouble for these vendors if pigeons are harassing and pestering their customers. This is why it is generally discouraged when it comes to feeding pigeons in public.

You can, however leave food out for the pigeons that visit your garden. If you have a bird feeder or bird table pigeons will naturally gravitate towards them and you should have no problem getting them to feed in your garden.

What Bird Food Can I Feed To Pigeons?

What Do Pigeons Eat?

Pigeons are very resourceful and resilient birds that will probably eat almost anything given the chance. If you have ever seen a pigeon in a busy city or town centre chances are they haven’t gotten to be so plump and well-fed eating bird food and insects.

Pigeons, like most birds, tend to go for bread when they are looking for food in busy areas. If you want you can feed the pigeons that visit your garden bread also along with any other food scraps that are safe for birds to eat. Pigeons may be resilient, but they are still just birds with fragile digestive systems so make sure to always check before you feed them anything.

Of course, it is always best to feed pigeons proper, good quality bird food that has been specially designed and checked to be good for them and safe for birds to eat.

If you are keeping pigeons as pets or plan to use them for racing then you must feed them the right food and make sure that they are healthy and eating properly. Here at Kennedy Wild Bird Food, we have a range of bird food that has been specially designed for birds, both wild birds or pets, so you know your pigeon is getting food that will help them.

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What Bird Food Can I Feed To Pigeons?

As mentioned before pigeons can eat practically any bird food you give them but they are particularly drawn to seeds. Here at Kennedy Wild Bird Food, we have a range of bird seeds and birdseed mixes that you can feed to pigeons and feel safe knowing that they are getting the best quality birds seeds that they can get.

Remember to always buy seeds for birds through a bird food specialist. You can buy seeds from the supermarket but they are often expensive and haven’t been tested to make sure that they are safe for birds. With a bird food specialist, you can be confident that the food you are leaving out for the birds is guaranteed not the cause the bird any harm.

An important thing to remember with pigeons is they can be rather greedy, you might notice a lot of pigeons are rather plump. Pigeons have become scavengers over the years and they never know when they will get their next meal, because of this they will eat and eat until they are full. Keep this in mind when you leave food out for pros and make sure you don’t leave too much food out for them, you might think you are being helpful by leaving a generous amount out but they can end up eating more than