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Droll Yankee Onyx Niger Feeder.


Droll Yankee Onyx Niger Bird Feeder

The Onyx Niger (nyjer) Seed Feeder has been specifically designed to dispense Niger seeds. This makes it the perfect treat for some of our favourite garden birds, including Greenfinches and Goldfinches!

Benefits of the Droll Yankee Onyx Niger Feeder

The Onyx Niger Feeder comes with a lifetime guarantee and is designed with click-to-clean quick release base, making it the perfect solution for keeping your feeder clean.

As the base separates with just one click, this allows for easy access to the feeder - so your feeder tube stays clean and your niger seeds stay fresh!

They also look great! With a glossy ‘piano black’ finish, the 7 cm tube allows the seeds to move freely with no chance of them becoming lodged, meaning you don’t have to continue monitoring it.

Price also includes next day delivery and VAT where applicable.

Small - 26cm x 7cm (12" x 2.5") - 2 ports
Medium - 42cm x 7cm (18" x 2.5") - 4 ports
Large - 56cm x 7cm (24" x 2.5") - 6 ports

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