Bird niger seed feeder Droll yankee ring pull

Droll Yankee Ring Pull Niger Feeders


Our Niger Seed Feeder

Specifically designed to dispense Niger seed, ideal for feeding Gold Finches and Green Finches.

We all know the importance of good hygiene at the feeding station, but it can be difficult to give many feeders the really good scrub that they need. These innovative new feeders have been designed to make that job so much easier. Unlike other feeders, these are easy clean which come apart in one simple motion. Pull out the central pin with the handy ring pull at the top and the base and feeding ports simply drop away!

Small - 18cm x 6.25cm (7.1" x 2.5") - 2 ports
Medium - 36cm x 6.25cm (14.2" x 2.5") - 4 ports
Large - 54cm x 6.25cm (21.3" x 2.5") - 6 ports

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