Bird seed feeder Droll yankee ring pull

Droll Yankee Ring Pull Seed Feeders


Droll Yankee Ring Pull Seed Feeder

A great feeding station is a clean a feeding station. But more often than not it can be difficult to give them the good scrub they need. Our innovative ring pull seed feeders are designed to make this a thing of the past.

Benefits of the Droll Yankee Ring Pull Seed Feeders

The Droll Yankee Ring Seed Feeder comes with a lifetime guarantee and a whole host of benefits that you don’t get with other feeders. These include:

  • A simple yet clever design
  • Comes apart in one simple motion
  • The easiest cleaning solution
  • A lifetime guarantee
  • Next day delivery and VAT included where applicable

Small - 18cm x 6.25cm (7.1" x 2.5") - 2 ports
Medium - 36cm x 6.25cm (14.2" x 2.5") - 4 ports
Large - 54cm x 6.25cm (21.3" x 2.5") - 6 ports

Not supplied with tray

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