Birdwatching in winter

As the temperatures drop and ice starts to cover the fields and hills of the UK, many of our most loved birds will have flown off to their winter homes.

However, the British wildlife is still a buzz with beautiful British birds and winter birdwatching can be even more rewarding for passionate birders.

Below, we’ve put together a little guide on winter bird watching, taking a look at the types of birds you might be able to spot, the wild bird food that is best for the colder months and where you’ll be able to spot a few of these species using out BirdSpotter!

British winter birds

Below we’ve created a list of our favourite British winter birds that you’ll be able to spot over the winter period!

Make sure to log your finds with our BirdSpotter app once you’ve caught a glimpse, so our other members can tick them off their winter birdwatching list!




Blue Tit





Birds that migrate in the winter

During the winter season, there will be some species that become rare to see in the UK as many birds migrate to escape the cold. These can include species like Canadian geese, swans and swallows.

You’ll often see these birds making their way south as soon as winter rolls around, creating beautiful formations in the sky. If you are looking to spot these, it’s best to catch them before they disappear, from the beginning of September up until mid-October.

Feeding birds in Winter

If you are looking for the best bird food for winter; to sprinkle throughout your garden or place in your favourite bird-watching spot, then we have a huge variety of wild bird food that is perfect for the colder months.

These bird food collections are perfect for providing essential vitamins and fats, to keep birds healthy and well-fed during winter.

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