Sunflower Seeds for birds

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Sunflower seeds for birds

Our sunflower seeds for birds will always attract a large variety of birds and happen to be a firm favourite of wild birds such as finches, starlings, tits and robins.

Of course, if you manage to attract any of these beautiful birds with your new tasty sunflower hearts, don’t forget to log your sightings in our Birdspotter App!

Our sunflower hearts bird food is bakery grade, of the highest quality and is among the lowest priced in the UK. Buy in bulk from our shop, and have them delivered free tomorrow!

Sunflower hearts as bird food

Our sunflower hearts are an easy seed to feed and are incredibly versatile.

As the sunflower seed husks are removed, it means the wild birds will eat it all, so no mess is left behind! They can be fed from a bird seed feeder, bird table or scattered on the floor for ground eating birds.

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What are the benefits of sunflower hearts and sunflower seeds?

Although marginally more expensive to purchase than other regular wild bird seed products, the following advantages of sunflower hearts and sunflower seeds will be apparent:

  • No mess, no grow sunflower hearts
  • Loved by a great variety of wild garden birds
  • Can be fed in multiple ways
  • Birds are able to feast on them far quicker – a distinct advantage in winter and the nesting season
  • Cheaper than our competitors

Why are sunflower seeds important for birds?

Sunflower hearts are generally the top of the list when it comes to the best things to feed to wild birds.

Some of the excellent reasons to buy sunflower seeds for birds are listed above, in terms of the benefits to you. However, you may also be interested to learn “what are the health benefits of sunflower seeds for wild birds?”.

There are several good reasons to choose sunflower seeds when you want to give your feathered visitors a much-needed boost to their year-round nutrition, in an easy to digest form. For one thing, sunflower seeds are good for birds due to the fact they are a high-energy source. This can be particularly vital to keep them moving in the winter months, but generally gives them the calories they need to keep active.

Also, the type of oil to be found in this type of bird feed – particularly black sunflower seeds – is very good for them too. It keeps their feathers healthy and their beaks strong! Mix black sunflower seeds in with a blend of wild bird seed, and you can play a crucial role in conserving British wildlife.

If you need any further proof that sunflower seeds are a bird “super food”, keep in mind how beneficial they are to humans too! Dietitians recommend them as a highly nutritious form of protein that can boost your skin health and help you to fight cancer!

The best way to feed birds with sunflower seeds

Are there any disadvantages to feeding wild birds with sunflower hearts? Any issues come from how popular they will be! It means larger birds – such as blackbirds and starlings – may swoop down and gobble them up before smaller species get a “sniff”.

Fortunately, this important source of nutrition for wild birds is versatile. If you include it in mixed bird food for feeders, smaller creatures can have their fair share.

Can sunflower seeds be bad for birds?

Although sunflower hearts are superb as bird food, there is a word of caution. Quality seeds are essential to ensure your birds are getting the full nutritional benefit.  It is an excellent idea to use a blend of bird seeds, not just sunflower hearts. This ensures that your feathered friends get a balanced diet and not ‘too much of a good thing’!  Try growing your own.                                        .

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Remember to always provide water with your sunflower seeds and sunflower heart products, to keep your garden visitors hydrated. If you need more guidance on how to keep your garden birds healthy all year round, read our 12-month bird feeding guide so you know exactly what to feed your birds and when.

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