Mealworms for Birds, Live Bird Foods

Using mealworms as bird food

Our range of nutritious protein-packed mealworms are perfect for many garden birds, especially blackbirds and robins. Expect to also see starlings, wrens, dunnocks, song thrushes and house sparrows flock to your garden - especially when you mix dried mealworms with regular seed combinations.

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Live and Dry Mealworms for birds

Our tasty live mealworms offer your garden birds the freshest treat possible, whilst dried mealworms can be rehydrated easily with a sprinkle of warm water.

Dried mealworms are also easier to store, and can be kept indefinitely. They are also ideal for anyone who's squeamish about handling live mealworms.

How to feed mealworms to birds

Try our specially designed mealworm feeders, or we suggest sprinkling mealworms onto your feeder table, on top of seeds, or soaking them in warm water for a few minutes to rehydrate them. This will make it a much more enjoyable feeding experience for the wild birds. We also stock wax worms and mini mealworms.

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