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Bird feeder accessories

At Kennedy Wild Bird Food, we have a great variety of bird feed accessories for Droll Yankee and Jacobi Jayne bird Feeders. Whether it’s rain guards for feeders, seed trays, or the droll yankee squirrel guards to restrict access, you will find they will all fit your bird feeder.

Why you need bird feeder accessories?

  • Minimise losses from your feeders and unsightly growth beneath
  • Attract a greater variety of birds to your garden
  • Discourage larger birds and squirrels
  • Free next day delivery.

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How to avoid common mistakes when feeding birds


Clean Feeders:

Wet feed can quickly become mouldy, spreading disease to birds and even effecting an entire neighbourhood flock. Our rain guard protects feeders, whatever the weather and help reduce the risk of soggy, spoiled feed.

Our range of accessories can also prevent food falling onto the ground where it can easily become damp and spoil. Wild birds can be fussy customers and won’t appreciate dirty feeding stations. A dirty feeder can become clogged creating conditions where feed can spoil. All our feeding accessories are easy to clean and maintain.



Birds can be scared away from their feeders by the presence of squirrels who are attracted to many of the nuts and seeds in bird food. Our squirrel protectors and squirrel proof feeders are the perfect deterrent for persistent squirrels, rodents and larger birds which can intimidate smaller, more timid species.


Irregular feeding:

Birds will return if a feeder is empty for a few days but numbers may dwindle if your feeders remain empty for long periods. Being creatures of habit birds will more readily return to a guaranteed, high quality food source.

Regularly refilling feeders will attract a wider variety of birds in every season and will help keep the feeder clean and in good repair. Don’t worry if your feeders have been neglected. Once you re-establish a feeding routine, it won’t take long for word to spread and bird numbers increase.

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Free next day delivery

Our large range of wild bird seed mixes meet all of your wild bird needs. Our pricing is very competitive, and we also offer free next day delivery on any order placed before 13:00 Monday to Thursday.

Our mixed bird seeds are the result of 30 years of continuous research, meaning we have some of the best quality mixes on the market. They meet all of the essential bird feeding requirements and are perfect for all year bird feeding.

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