Sunflower Seeds and Hearts

What is the difference between sunflower seeds and sunflower hearts?

 Sunflower seed, more commonly known as ‘black sunflower’ is a highly nutritious seed with a very high fat content. Much loved by Tits and Greenfinches.

Sunflower hearts are black sunflower seeds with the black husk removed. The removal of the husk makes them more attractive and palatable to a far greater variety of garden birds. They can be fed from a standard seed feeder, scattered on bird tables or spread on the floor for the ground eating birds. Although marginally more expensive to purchase, the following advantages will also be apparent. Birds are able to feast on them far quicker, a distinct advantage during winter time and during the ‘nesting’ season. Additionally, the absence of the black husk means no unsightly mess in your garden. The likelihood of regrowth due to wastage is also greatly reduced.

Here at Kennedy Wild Bird Food we highly recommend stocking your feeding table with our premium grade sunflower hearts. Always ensure water is available.

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Typical Energy Analysis


Calorific  value per 100g

Meal worms

150 calories


300 calories


350 calories


370 calories

Niger seed

480 calories

Black sunflower

500 calories


550 calories

Sunflower hearts

600 calories


800 calories


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