Sunflower Hearts and Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower Hearts and Sunflower Seeds for Wild Birds

High in energy and protein, our sunflower hearts and sunflower seeds are nutritious and valuable to have in any garden. Our sunflower products tend to attract a larger variety of birds and happen to be a particular favourite of wild birds such as finches, starling, tits and robins. Our bird food sunflower hearts are bakery grade, highest quality and are among the lowest price in the UK. Price compare here.

No- Mess Wild Bird Food

Our sunflower hearts are an easy seed to feed and incredibly versatile. As the husks are removed, it means the wild birds will eat it all, so no mess is left behind! Can be fed from a seed feeder, bird table or scattered on the floor for ground eating birds.

Benefits of Sunflower Hearts and Sunflower Seeds

Although marginally more expensive to purchase than other regular wild bird seed products, the following advantages will be apparent:

  • No mess, no grow sunflower hearts
  • High in protein, energy, and calories
  • Loved by a great variety of wild garden birds
  • Can be fed in multiple ways 
  • Birds are able to feast on them far quicker - a distinct advantage in winter and the ‘nesting season’
  • Cheaper than our competitors
  • Free next day UK delivery

Remember to always provide water


Typical Energy Analysis      

Calorific Value Per 100g

Black Sunflower

500 Calories

Sunflower Hearts

600 Calories