As the weather gets colder, you might want to start thinking about the birds that visit your garden and weather or not you should be feeding them. Now that we are in autumn, the birds are going to need a lot more food.

Birds need food that provide them with all the nutrients and calories they need to be able to survive the winter months and if they are migrating for the winter, they will need to build up their strength to make this long journey.

If you are thinking about feeding the birds this autumn, then you need to feed them food that is healthy, full of nutrients and will help them during in the upcoming months.

sparrow bird on feeder

Should I Feed Birds Sunflower Seeds?

There are lots of things you can feed the wild birds that come to feed in your garden. It’s always best to go to a bird food specialised to get this food. The food from bird food specialists has been specially designed to help birds and are filled with all the nutrients and good fats and proteins birds need.

Here at Kennedy Wild Bird Feed, we have a range of bird feed and every one of our products are perfectly designed to be healthy and beneficial to the birds in your garden. Some of the bird food we sell includes:

Mixed Birds Seeds are bags are bags of bird seed combinations of bird seed that are designed to help bird with certain things like if they have to make a long flight or need food that will give a burst of energy.

Some birds eat insects in the wild like mealworms that’s why we sell Mealworms For Birds.

Peanuts For Birds are some of the best things you can feed the birds in your garden. They are full of all the good fats birds need to stay warm in the winter.  

Plain Wild Bird Seeds are simple bags of seeds that are safe and specially designed to for wild birds.

Suet Products are fat based birds food products that are perfect to leave out for garden birds during in winter.

If you are planning on feeding the birds in your garden, then Sunflower Seeds are a great choice but how nutritious are sunflower seeds for birds?

great tit bird eating sunflower

How Nutritious Are Sunflower Seeds For Birds?

Sunflower Seeds are incredibly nutritious and full of all the healthy calories and protein birds need to survive especially in the colder months.

Sunflower Seeds had a thin shell on them the bird need to peck through and open before them. This can help them strengthen their beaks which can be a huge help when it comes to finding food in the wild.

Once they break into the shell, they can eat the meaty centre or the sunflower heart. This is where all then important nutrients are and its what will help the bird store fat to keep warm and give them the energy, they need to make flights.

Here at Kennedy Wild Bird Food, we have a range of sunflower seeds so you can find the perfect ones to feed the birds that visit your garden. The Sunflower Seeds for birds that we sell include:

  • Sunflower Hearts Sunflower hearts are simply the nutritious insides of sunflower seeds but without the shell. This is ideal for smaller birds who can’t open the shells with their smaller softer beaks. 
  • Sunflower heart chipsSunflower heart chips are chipped or flaked sunflower hearts. This is ideal for small and very young birds who can’t eat bigger seeds but still need all the nutrients sunflower seeds provide.
  • Black Sunflower SeedsBlack sunflower seeds are full of amazing nutrients and best of all they have a very thin shell so even if the birds are very small and don’t have very powerful beaks they can still break through the shell and get to the sunflower hearts in the middle.
black sunflower seed