It’s autumn! This means that things are changing in nature, leaves are changing colour, the nights are getting longer, and the temperature is dropping.

These changes in nature can lead to changes for our feathered friend’s other wildlife that comes to visit in our gardens. It’s important to be mindful of wildlife in autumn and to know how to help our garden wildlife as the season change.

Here our Autumn Wildlife Care Tips.

Robin bird in autumn

If You Have A Pond, Be Careful It Doesn’t Freeze Over.

If you have a pond or water feature that doesn’t have constantly running water, it could freeze over. If your pond freezes over this can be a real issue for some of the animals who use it.

If you have frogs and other aquatic wildlife that live in your pond, they can get trapped under the water if the pond freezes over. Sometimes, decaying and rotting leaves can get trapped with them under the ice and realises emissions that can be toxic to some animals.

Birds need water all year round so if you have a pond, or birdbath, they can freeze and leave the bird without water to drink from or bathe in.

You need to check your pond regularly to make sure there isn’t too much debris in the way, this is especially important in autumn when more leaves are falling from trees and increase wind speeds can blow debris into the pond.

You can place a few golf balls or tennis balls in the pond to prevent it from freezing over making it safer for pond life and giving the birds somewhere to drink and bathe.

blackbird in bird bath

Be Mindful Of Animals Making Homes For Their Hibernation

When the weather gets colder, animals start making their preparations for hibernation.

Birds don’t hibernate so they will be nesting and preparing to make their nest as secure and as warm as possible. If the weather is partially harsh in autumn, if there are heavy rains or strong winds, birds might need to repair and rebuild their nests more than they usually would.

If there are a lot of twigs or sticks in your garden, you can use them to help the wildlife. Instead of throwing them away, leave the twigs where they are and birds can use them to make, rebuilt and repair their nests.

You can place the larger sticks in piles and smaller garden wildlife, like a hedgehog, might choose to use them for shelter. If you do have piles or bubbles of sticks in your guards, always check them for animals before disturbing them, especially if you are planning of disposing of the sticks or use them in a bonfire.

There are other places animals might choose to hibernate. unused plant pots, piles of leaves, compost bins and garden sheds are popular hibernation spots for wildlife.

wood land in autumn

Remember To Feed The Birds In Autumn

Some people believe that you don’t have to feed birds in autumn. This isn’t true and you need to keep feeling the birds all year round.

In autumn the weather gets colder, and birds need to be able to keep their strength and energy up. They need to be able to keep warm as the weather gets harsh and they need a diet of good fats and vital proteins to be able to do this.

When the weather gets colder, some trees and plants stop baring food that wild birds can eat and the ground can freeze or be too hard for birds to dig for food. Leaving food out for the birds in your garden can be a huge help to these birds that might be struggling to find food and keep their energy up.

Here at Kenedy Wild Bird Food, we have all kinds of bird food. All our bird food is specially designed to make sure that the birds that visit your gardens and eat at your bird feeders are getting all the nutrients they need.

We have a wide verity of bird food including:

Mixed Birdseed

We sell a range of mixed birds seeds with every mix specially designed to either suit a particular bird or help with a particular part of the bird’s diet.

Mealworms For Birds

We sell both dried and live mealworms for birds. We also sell a specially designed mealworm bird feeder.

Peanuts For Birds

The peanuts we sell for birds are different from the ones you find in supermarkets. It’s important you only feed birds food that has been tested so that is it not harmful to them. We have a variety of peanuts for birds including peanuts both with and without shells.

Plain Wild Bird Seeds

We get a variety of different seeds from a range of different plants and food mixes including maize, oats and raisins.

Suet For Birds

Suet is a great alternative to dry foods. Here at Kennedy Wild Bird Feed we a have a variety of different suet products like suet pellets, fat balls and filled coconut shells.

Sunflower Seeds For Birds

Sunflower seeds are possibly the best thing you possibly feed to your garden birds. They are full of all the nutrients and good fats birds need to stay healthy. We have sunflower hearts, sunflower heart chips and black sunflower seeds.