The UK is full of interesting and beautiful types of wildlife. As a nation, we have some of the most interesting creatures on the planet, but you don’t have to travel far to get to see some of these countries amazing nature.

There are so many wonderful creatures you can find in your own garden. Learning about nature and getting onto hobbies like bird watching doesn’t have to be difficult. You can easily get into bird watching and get closer to wildlife from the comfort of your own garden. You can read our Guide To Bird Watching At Home, here.

Here is how feeding the birds can help you get closer to wildlife at home.

nuthatch bird on nestbox

How Feeding The Birds Can Help You Get Closer To Wildlife At Home

If you want to experience more wildlife at home, then you need to start attracting more wildlife to your garden. Feeding the birds is a great way to entice more and more birds to start to visit your garden.

Birds are always on the lookout for more food. They need to eat to get the vital nutrients, calories, and proteins that they need to survive. If you place the food down in your garden there is a good chance that birds flock to your bird feeders and you might get to see a range of delightful garden birds if you are lucky.

How To Feed The Birds In Your Garden

You need to make sure that your garden is a safe place for birds to land. If the birds don’t feel safe in your garden, then they might want to stop and eat there, and they probably won’t return. Be sure to place your food somewhere high up or off the ground, like in a bird feeder, on a bird table or on a roof.

If you scatter the bird food on the ground it leaves the bird in your garden susceptible to attacks. Predators like foxes and cats can easily prey on birds that are feeding at ground level so it’s always better to put the food somewhere it is out of harm’s way.

Similarly, you want to protect the birds in your garden from aerial predators also. Birds of prey like hawks and falcons might start to use your garden as a hunting ground if they notice a lot of birds in the area.

You can protect the birds in your garden from birds of prey by carefully placing your bird feeders and tables in safe places. place your feeders and tables under trees and near walls. This way it will be hard for these aerial predators to swoop down to attack.

creat tit bird on peanut feeder

What To Feed The Birds That Vist Your Garden?

It’s important that you feed the birds in your garden food that is going to help them hunt, mate, or do whatever it is they need to survive. There are certain foods that can be toxic birds or just safe for them to eat, this is why it’s always better to use a bird food specialist.

Here at Kenedy Wild Bird Food, we have a variety of food that is suitable for all kinds of birds that might come and visit your garden. We specialize in making good, healthy and nutritious food for wild birds, such as:

Mixed Birdseed

We sell a range of mixed birds seeds with every mix specially designed to either suit a particular bird or help with a particular part of the bird’s diet.

Mealworms For Birds

We sell both dried and live mealworms for birds. We also sell a specially designed mealworm bird feeder.

Peanuts For Birds

The peanuts we sell for birds are different from the ones you find in supermarkets. It’s important you only feed birds food that has been tested so that is it not harmful to them. We have a variety of peanuts for birds including peanuts both with and without shells.

Plain Wild Bird Seeds

We get a variety of different seeds from a range of different plants and food mixes including maize, oats and raisins.

Suet For Birds

Suet is a great alternative to dry foods. Here at Kennedy Wild Bird Feed we a have a variety of different suet products like suet pellets, fat balls and filled coconut shells.

Sunflower Seeds For Birds

Sunflower seeds are possibly the best thing you possibly feed to your garden birds. They are full of all the nutrients and good fats birds need to stay healthy. We have sunflower hearts, sunflower heart chips and black sunflower seeds.

great tit bird eating sunflower