If you want to feed the birds that visit your garden, then you need to make sure that you are feeding them food that is good and healthy. To ensure this you need to use bird food that is made by a bird food specialist and is designed with the birds’ best interests in mind.

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What Kinds Of Bird Food Are There?

Different birds have different requirements and diets, that is why there is a wide variety of food to choose from. Different bird food can help birds with different things, so you need to take this into account when deciding what you want to feed your birds. You will need to consider other things as well, like if you want to attract any particular kind of bird and how you are planning to feed them.

Here at Kennedy Wild Bird Feed, we have a wide range of bird foods that are specially designed to not only be perfectly safe for the birds in your garden to eat but also to help the birds survive and thrive in the wild. Our bird feed includes:

Mixed Birdseed

Our bags of mixed birds seeds are specially made mixes of seeds that are cleverly designed and complied to help birds survive no matter what the conditions against them may be.  

Mealworms For Birds

Here at Kennedy Wild Bird Feed, we are proud to stock mealworms for birds. Plenty of birds eat instincts out in the wild and a lot of them will prefer to eat them when they come looking for food in your garden.

Peanuts For Birds

Peanuts are incredibly healthy and good for the birds that come to your garden. By choosing peanuts for birds you can be sure that the birds you are feeding getting all the nutrients they need to stay healthy and strong. On top of this, peanuts for birds are also full of good, healthy fats and oils and these are vital when it comes to staying warm in the colder months.

Plain Wild Bird Seeds

Here at Kennedy Wild Bird Feed, we have a wide variety of different seeds for you to choose from. Plain Wild Bird Seeds are good, natural seeds that are the perfect food for any bird visiting your garden.

Suet For Birds

Our range of suet products are made from the best ingredients and are the perfect food to leave out for the birds in your garden when the weather starts to get cold. You can feed suet to birds all year round, but suet is especially good for birds in winter as it contains all the good fat they need to build up and store fat for the cold weather.  

Sunflower Seeds For Birds

Sunflower seeds are possibly the healthiest thing you can feed the birds that come to your garden. They have a soft shell that the birds will need to break through, which is great for strengthening their beak. If the birds that come to your garden are little on the small side and don’t have the strength or power to break the shells, then you can buy sunflower hearts. Sunflower hearts are just the meaty insides of the sunflower seed that have all the good proteins and necessary calories that birds need to stay strong and healthy all year round.

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Where Does Bird Food Come From?

Bird food uses all-natural ingredients that are safe for birds to eat. This includes natural foodstuffs like nuts and seeds. All of the ingredients in bird food are checked before use to make sure it is free of any disease, and we make sure only the freshest ingredients are used.

The food is kept as natural as possible, No harmful chemicals or additives are added to the process so that nothing in the bird food will cause the bird any harm. The seeds and nuts are added to a processor that cleans the raw ingredients so that we are left with clean, pure ingredients for our bird food mixes.

The food is then put through a three-step air cleaning system. This system separates the raw bird food from other debris that you might not want in your birdseed mix. This includes things like stems and empty shells as well as small stones and pebbles that have been picked up by mistake.

When all the birdseed has been cleaned and extracted it is packed up, ready to be sold.

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