Suet Special Blend Mixture

Suet Special Blend Mixture


Suet Special Blend

Suet is important for garden birds, especially in the cold winter climate. It’s the perfect treat to keep them energised and warm! However, our suet special blend can be used all year round due to the quality of the ingredients.

Benefits of our Suet Special Blend

This is why our suet mixture has become one of the best sellers at Kennedy in only a small space of time. What makes it so great?

  • Packed full of high-calorie ingredients
  • Can be used all year round
  • Suet will attract both small and medium sized birds to the garden
  • No grow blend means no mess either
  • Next day delivery included in price

Suet special blend is best fed either scattered on a bird table, from a ground feeder or a seed feeder

Contains Sunflower hearts (55%), mixed flavour suet pellets (mealworm, insect, fruit, berry) and peanut granules

Always provide water.

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